This year, UAAC aims to bring together 10 teams of 5 (30 students and 20 corporate delegates) for the Amazing Race on September 8, 2018. The goal is for each team to compete in a series of mental and physical challenges at various locations around the university (within walking/running distance). For every task a team completes, they will be given the next clue as well a letter of the alphabet. For the final task, teams will be instructed to assemble all the collected letters into a word or phrase and then race to the finish line. At the conclusion of the race, there will be pizza and a general reception for further networking opportunities. Students will be able to sign up with firms on a first come first serve basis. Each team will be designated a team colour which will correspond to their Amazing Race team shirts. Throughout the race, officials stationed at each task will ensure all challenges are completed properly and fairly. We will ensure that adequate route markers are situated at each task so that teams will be able to clearly locate a challenge.